Award for the special engagement at sTECH

Award for the special engagement at sTECH

The first quarter of 2022 is filled with beautiful events and significant activities taking place at sTECH. The transition to the real Cloud mode is in progress, with the use of Microsoft Azure, as well as modern DWH technologies and Power BI services. One of the teams working directly on these projects is our Data Team within the IT Solutions Sector, which faces numerous challenges in the coming period. However, what makes us the happiest is the fact that we represent a company that employs extremely hard-working and professional people, whose additional commitment to work is visible and rewarded. On this occasion, we would like to single out our colleague Zoran Mladenović, whose work did not go unnoticed, so we decided to promote him to the position of Data Team Lead. Interview with Zoran can be read in the following text.


You started working at sTECH 6 months ago, how do you feel about deciding to join us now?

Without a doubt, I made the right decision and I have no concern if I should have switched to sTECH. When it comes to my professional knowledge, I am still developing, working on the latest technologies – primarily Power BI services and introducing the Cloud in the company. Regarding my career development, it follows my technical progress, which can be seen in my transition to the Team Lead position. I started working as a Senior DWH & BI Developer in the Data Science team. Shortly after my arrival, the IT sector was reorganized and it was logical to strengthen the line of leadership. Since our team is relatively fresh, and I came first, it was decided that I would take on the role of Team Lead. The promotion came naturally and logically.

What do you think a good Team Lead should have in terms of qualities, skills and knowledge?

First of all, the most important thing is professional knowledge, the rest will come in time. This is how authority is best built, when Team Lead is the best technical expert in its work. In addition, good communication with the rest of the team is important.

How would you describe the atmosphere in your team?

Colleagues are willing to share their experience at all times and are always ready to help. Communication and cooperation goes smoothly, while the atmosphere in the team is pleasant and relaxed.

What is the most important thing to see in your team members?

The most important thing for me is that they know their job well, that they are professional and willing to cooperate. In addition, it is important to stay innovative. If we stick to old technologies and the established way of working, then we lose out on innovation, so it is important to regularly do additional research and experiment, for which we really have opportunities in our Data team.

What significant activities and projects has your team implemented in the past years?

We have upgraded the application part to Azure (Power BI services), and for the needs of DWH and Analytical services, we have raised MS SQL to the last production-supported version – 2019.

In order for the internal promotion of employees to be successful, what do you think are the necessary preconditions that the company needs to meet?

Additional training and opportunities for innovative work and learning are the most important preconditions for progress. Also, freeing up more time to work on personal progress but also allowing more time to work on projects.

What would you single out as the most positive thing about sTECH?

Working at sTECH is very dynamic. I like organized trainings and exchange of experiences both in the region with our clients and with colleagues at the headquarters in Vienna and UNIQA companies in other countries. We have great support from all of them, which means a lot to me. Also, the ’people’ factor in sTECH is really great.

Finally, what would you say to candidates who want to work at sTECH?

To come! There will be many opportunities to work and study in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.