SEE Digital successfully implemented ECM in the following UNIQA companies:

  • UNIQA Croatia
  • UNIQA Serbia
  • UNIQA Montenegro
  • UNIQA Bulgaria
  • UNIQA Bosna

The same system has been in use for years in UNIQA companies in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland…

ECM – Enterprise Content Management

*Document Management System

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a complete solution for converting paper into electronic documents, which allows users to easily browse through and manage stored documents, by using predefined workflow and security measures.


Scan and Capture client

  • Scan client is used to convert paper documents into electronic format
  • Capture client is used to index documents, assign a predefined set of attributes for each scanned or imported document
  • Sending documents in the archive – sophisticated and secure data center

ECM Client

Web based client for quick and easy search and viewing of documents, with strictly defined users and user roles

  • Monitoring and reporting tools
  • Complete DMS tracking
  • Creating various DMS reports and statistics

Web services

Web services are used to integrate with other IT systems. Actions that can be performed in a web client can also be performed through a web service: upload, download, search, change attributes, move from one archive to another…

The integration of ECM with existing IT solutions in the company greatly increases the value and usability of all systems.

SEE Digital successfully implemented BPMS in the following UNIQA companies:

  • UNIQA Croatia
  • UNIQA Serbia
  • UNIQA Montenegro
  • UNIQA Bulgaria (in Bulgaria it is successfully used as a system for processing claims)

BPMS – Business Process Management System

The Business Process Management System (BPMS) is a web based client for managing business processes and BPMS tasks.

BPMS is closely integrated with the ECM, and with additional functionalities such as email integration, SLA management … it can significantly affect the increase in productivity of the company by making business processes more flexible and easily manageable.