New Back Office Team Lead – Internal promotion

New Back Office Team Lead – Internal promotion

Interview with our new Back Office Team Lead – Nada Sarić

You have been with UNIQA Group and sTECH since 2016. When you look back at everything over the past 6 years, how does it all seem to you?

Working in our company is very dynamic. Initially, I started working at sTECH as a Senior .NET Developer, after a while I was transferred to UNIQA Serbia to help with some important IT projects at the time, and now I have returned to sTECH. After a year of work, I took on the role of Team Lead and now I’m in charge of the Back Office team. It was very nice in both companies, in its own ways. In general, teamwork and cooperativeness have always been at a high level in our group.

What can you single out as the greatest thing in the last 6 years?

My team has always been great, I have to say that first. Still, the best feeling is when we release the program we created and when it works well. Also, the successfully implemented project of upgrading an old application from Access into a new version of .NET represents another beautiful moment in my career at sTECH.

Speaking of your promotion to Team Lead position, did you expect it?

Honestly, I really didn’t expect it. I am happy with the change, although it is a bigger one and it carries a new level of responsibility, but my team is currently smaller, I do not coordinate many people, so I am sure I will handle all challenges that await us.

What do you think a good Team Lead should have in terms of qualities, skills and knowledge?

In the first place, I would like to single out good technical knowledge, but also adequate knowledge from the business in which it operates. It is necessary for the Team Lead to know more than his people, to be able to help them and solve problems at any time. It is important to work with people and to achieve quality communication. Also, in my opinion, it is very important to have a friendly relationship, in addition to a professional one.

In order for the internal promotion of employees to be successful, what do you think are the necessary preconditions that the company should meet?

In my opinion, the company should always provide support to its employees. Other employees are also motivated by internal promotion. However, in my opinion, internal promotion should be a natural course of events in the company and follow other, important events.

What is the most important thing for your team members to have, in terms of knowledge, experience and attitude towards work?

It is important to me that people solve problems immediately, that they are diligent and self-confident. I always like working with someone who immediately faces a difficult situation and who tackles problems.

Finally, what would you say to candidates who want to work at sTECH?

sTECH is a very dynamic company with a healthy atmosphere, where you can learn a lot, but also where the results are valued. It is characterized by real team spirit as well as good benefits. sTECH is a generally healthy environment full of hardworking people, eager to learn. The projects are stable and secure, but also big, so the team spirit and the achieved results are highly appreciated.