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New Back Office Team Lead – Internal promotion

Posted 11/03/2022
Interview with our new Back Office Team Lead – Nada Sarić You have been with UNIQA Group and sTECH since 2016. When you look back at everything over the past 6 years, how does it all seem to you? Working in our company is very dynamic. Initially, I started working at sTECH as a Senior ...
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Award for the special engagement at sTECH

Posted 07/03/2022
The first quarter of 2022 is filled with beautiful events and significant activities taking place at sTECH. The transition to the real Cloud mode is in progress, with the use of Microsoft Azure, as well as modern DWH technologies and Power BI services. One of the teams working directly on these projects is our Data ...
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Company presentation – Q4 2021 and plan for Q1 2022

Posted 04/03/2022
The previous year was full of interesting projects, but also great challenges. We closed 2021 and its last quarter, summarizing our impressions at our regular company presentation. After the release of the main BE module into production at UNIQA Montenegro, in the previous quarter the focus was on stabilizing the operation of this module, which ...
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Nurturing the culture of internal promotions of sTECH employees

Posted 04/03/2022
Internal employee promotion is one of the best ways to create true, successful leaders. According to a Linkedin report called Global Talent Trends, employees in companies that hire and promote more internal candidates stay as much as 41% longer than employees in companies with lower internal promotion rates. Also, over 69% of employees feel more ...
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Company presentation – Q3 2021

Posted 27/12/2021
Third quarter in 2021 was very dynamic for us, filled with many important projects and accompanied by great challenges. One of the main tasks we had was the inclusion of UNIQA Montenegro in the sCore 2.0 system, which has been successfully done, while it is important to release UNIQA Serbia into production in the coming ...
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Company presentation – Q2 2021

Posted 22/07/2021
As a part of our tradition, this month the management of sTECH held a regular company presentation for all colleagues. Together, we summarized all the impressions from the previous quarter, with an emphasis on Q2 in 2021. The second quarter, along with Q1, is noticeably aligned with the business and plan for the next period. ...
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9 years of sTECH

Posted 01/07/2021
In July 2012, our first employees came to sTECH! This month we have the honor to celebrate 9 years of our company’s existence on the market. We can say with great pride that we have grown these years and we have now a large number of experts in the field of IT and insurance, but ...
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Company presentation – Q1 2021

Posted 22/04/2021
First in a row, it is our company’s presentation Q1 turn in the new year of 2021, when together with our employees we summarized all impressions, but also the successes and results achieved from the previous period. Although we enjoy having direct communication with colleagues and wish to return to work regularly from the office, ...
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Big success for the sClaims team

Posted 15/03/2021
From this day, our sCore application has its new user – Bosnia and Herzegovina! During the weekend, we have successfully migrated all claims from IN2 system and released in production the sClaims application in B&H. We would like to use this opportunity to thank our Claims and Project Management team and to our colleagues from ...
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Company presentation – Q3 2020

Posted 02/11/2020
Approaching the end of a very challenging and completely different year, with great pride and satisfaction, we have held a company presentation and marked the successful completion of the Q3 quarter. We can say with certainty that we will start the next, fourth quarter with a positive result and achievement from the previous one, also ...
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New sCore 2.0 logo

Posted 25/09/2020
Together with our colleagues from UNIQA SEE, colleagues from UNIQA Group, and in cooperation with our strategic partner ATOS we can proudly announce that new end-to-end, from front to back office, core insurance solution sCore 2.0 is born. sCore 2.0 is UNIQA’s own full-core insurance solution that supports all insurance office processes, both front office ...
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Company Presentation – Q2 2020

Posted 10/08/2020
At the beginning of 2020, we had no idea that in addition to business challenges, we would also face the global Covid-19 pandemic. We accepted this new challenge as such and gave our best to learn something from it and adapt to the new way of working – remotely. The second quarter (Q2) of this ...
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sCore 2.0

Posted 18/06/2020
The joint efforts of the UNIQA business team, sTech, and our strategic partner Atos have enabled us to set up the first production version of the sCore 2.0 program in Montenegro, on Monday 15th June 2020. This large step is especially significant as the new program integrates, standardizes and centralizes all core IT services in insurance ...
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New sTech logo

Posted 20/05/2020
As a part of the UNIQA Group sub-brand rebranding strategy, sTech had a logo refresh recently. Bringing together the 2 logos of UNIQA and sTech within one square tile indicates our common spirit. Slick, modern, sophisticated, and professional by design, our new logo represents a part of the values that we and our clients hope ...
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A Great Success for sTech Team

Posted 12/03/2020
sTech team proudly released the insurance software that is implemented at banks for the purposes of insurance policy sales. The new software with its’ state of the art architecture and cutting-edge technologies, provides exceptional end-user experience, delivers significantly improved performance and improves productivity in the work of software users, thereby ensuring increased satisfaction for our ...
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Company Presentation – Q1 2020

Posted 30/01/2020
The beginning of 2020 was marked by another company presentation, with the aim of summarizing the previous year and all the successes we have achieved. We have improved the organization, the structure of our teams, the quality of the software, we have learned new technologies and we have improved our soft skills competencies. Managers and ...
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sTech Family Day

Posted 26/12/2019
Yesterday, we gathered our families, friends, current and future associates to celebrate the successes we have achieved this year and to share the joy of the New Year and Christmas holidays! The offices of sTech hosted our families and children, we rewarded numerous employees for their hard work and dedication, we proposed a toast with ...
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Serbian Insurance Days – 2019

Posted 02/12/2019
Serbian Insurance Association organized the third most important meeting in the ​​insurance industry in the region, which took place in Arandjelovac from November 27-29. The event was organized to raise awareness of the importance of the insurance industry, as well as to share novelties in the cooperation process between the business and IT industry in ...
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Company Presentation – October 2019

Posted 31/10/2019
Company presentation, last in a row for this year, marked the beginning of the fourth quarter. Sector managers and representatives presented activities and projects done in Q3, motivated employees with great results that we achieved since the beginning of this year and introduced plans, projects, and goals that lay ahead of us in Q4. This ...
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The Journey to Success

Posted 18/10/2019
Milutin Stankovic, our Director of Research & Technical Excellence, presented the role of sTech in the process of business transformation of SEE countries, at the „International Operations Meeting 2019“ in Vienna. Stankovic presented the vision of the project, operation principles, the roadmap for the next two years, as well as the architecture of the future ...
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ISO certification

Posted 10/10/2019
Upon receiving positive feedback from the certification committee, sTech completed the certification process for the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standards. The certificates obtained to confirm the fulfillment of the strategic commitment of top management, which is oriented towards meeting customer requirements and expectations, continuous improvement in all processes of the ...
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sTech 2.0

Posted 08/08/2019
sTech has a new corporate headquarters! More space, natural light, modern design, and exclusive location are just some of the benefits our new office offers. It is also planned to equip the Rest Area, all of which aims to increase employee satisfaction because only when we care for our employees are they motivated, efficient and ...
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Company Presentation – July 2019

Posted 22/07/2019
The beginning of the third quarter was once again marked by the company presentation. Sinisa Marinkov, our new IT Solutions Department Director, introduced himself to the employees, as did Milutin Stankovic, our new Integration, Migration & Data Science Sector Manager. We continue to build our path to success and fulfill our vision.
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Quality Policy & Information Security Policy

Posted 27/05/2019
As a part of the implementation of the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 standards, sTech has adopted the Quality Policy and the Information Security Policy. The policies of quality and information security demonstrate the overall intentions and leadership strategy of the organization related to the quality and security of information, as officially stated ...
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Company presentation – Q1 results & Q2 plans

Posted 25/04/2019
Company presentation, third in a row, marked the beginning of the second quarter. Our CEO Prof. Dr. Vidan Markovic addressed the employees pointing out the greatest achievements in the first quarter, he praised and expressed his gratitude to all colleagues who worked hard to meet clients’ expectations. Apart from that, he announced new exciting changes ...
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Presentation of company strategy – March 2019

Posted 06/03/2019
The first quarter of the calendar year was marked by the presentation held for all employees at which we presented the greatest achievements of 2018, as well as defined plans for 2019. Employees were firstly addressed by the company CEO Prof. Dr. Vidan Markovic who emphasized the importance of transparency and teamwork for the implementation ...
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DOT 2018 – Digitalization, insurance, technologies

Posted 10/10/2018
Employees of sTech company have taken part in this year’s business conference organized by The Association of Serbian Insurers, under the name „DOT 2018 – Digitalization, insurance, technologies“. The conference was held on October 05.-07. in Arandjelovac and gathered numerous eminent lecturers who presented latest trends in digital transformation of insurance industry. Renesan Rajic, DMS/BPMS ...
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sClaims Croatia

Posted 23/04/2018
Part of the sClaims system, that deals with health insurance in Croatia, is currently in production, thus replacing existing applications for all types of insurance in that country.
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Dr. Vidan Markovic, CEO

Posted 01/02/2018
The beginning of 2018. was marked by the arrival of our new CEO, Dr. Vidan Markovic, successful top manager in the fields of information technologies and insurance. In addition to impressive results achieved in business environments, Vidan Markovic has also been working for many years as Professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, ...
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