Nurturing the culture of internal promotions of sTECH employees

Nurturing the culture of internal promotions of sTECH employees

Internal employee promotion is one of the best ways to create true, successful leaders. According to a Linkedin report called Global Talent Trends, employees in companies that hire and promote more internal candidates stay as much as 41% longer than employees in companies with lower internal promotion rates. Also, over 69% of employees feel more connected to the company if they are valued in their workplace. Therefore, internal promotions show that the company appreciates hard work and is ready to reward it, which directly affects the level of employee satisfaction.

sTECH nurtures a culture of internal promotions of employees who have shown special commitment to their work and the company. In the first quarter of 2022, we promoted our colleague Smiljana Stanić to the position of Team Leader for Finance and Accounting. Below you can read details from the interview with Smiljana.


You have been working at sTECH since 2014. When you look back on your work over the past 7 years, how does it all seem to you?

Working at sTECH, in our Finance sector, is quite dynamic. As the company grew, I grew together with it. First I was a Professional Associate for Finance and Accounting. From the beginning of 2021, I progressed and got the role of Expert for Finance and Controlling. Finally, in 2022, I became Team Lead for Finance and Accounting and took over the leadership of our local team.

What can you single out as the greatest thing at sTECH?

Definitely a good team and quality people describe our company. Interpersonal relationships are of great importance to me. Overall, I see significant growth in the company and the logical career advancement follows it. I learned a lot in this job and became an expert in several financial fields.

Speaking of your promotion to the Team Lead position, was it something you expected?

My promotion was truly expected, as it followed the idea that my team has one direct superior. Now, as a Team Leader, I will have more freedom to solve the upcoming challenges, as well as to be more involved in the motivation of my team members.

What do you think a good Team Lead should have in terms of their qualities, skills and knowledge?

Communication skills and respect for colleagues are in the first place. Also, excellent professional knowledge is very important, as well as the skill to pass that knowledge on.

What do you think is the most important thing for your team members to have, in terms of knowledge, experience and attitude towards work?

The most important thing for me is that they are aware of the responsibility for their activities. It is important for me to be able to rely on them, knowing that the job will be done properly.

For the internal promotion of employees to be successful, what do you think are the necessary conditions that the company needs to meet?

It is important to clearly define goals and plans. Each employee should have their own career plan and rewards should be introduced for achieving the targets.

Finally, what would you say to candidates who want to work at sTECH?

I believe that in sTECH a lot can be learned from other colleagues and that there is an adequate transfer of knowledge. Also, very cooperative and collegial people work in our company, which is important to me personally. In addition, there is obviously progress within the company, perhaps not overnight, but with adequate commitment and effort – absolutely!