By using sClaims module, our clients are enabled to:

  • Connect to policies system and business entities database
  • Use personalized „ToDo” lists throughout the process of work
  • Data historization and users’ activities auditing
  • Access to multilingual User Interface, with multiple currencies and numerous clients
  • Customize the system to meet their specific needs
  • Connect to DMS system for working with electronic documents

sClaims is implemented and is being used in SEE region.

sClaims module (part of the sCore system) is a claims management solution that supports our clients’ core operations, enabling them to focus on their line of work by covering complete process of claims notification, adjustment and payment for all types of insurance, as well as all accompanying activities.

This module enables end-to-end claims lifecycle management through several submodules with a diverse set of activities:

ClaimsInfo –  Claim notification by phone, email, mail, Viber, online, fax or in person. Scheduling of damage assessment of vehicles and property. Work of MedUNIQA contact center 24/7.

Claims – Processing, adjustment and payment of claims. Processing of recourse and court cases as well as trial monitoring. Calculations based on the assessment or opinion of the censor doctor. All types of reporting to UNIQA Group and regulatory bodies. Generating and sending letters to customers via email and mail.

Complaints – Central Registry of Complaints. Acceptance of all types of complaints, processing and resolution in accordance with legal deadlines.

All applications in sClaims system are based on trusted Microsoft technologies such as .NET and SQL Server, and include both Windows and Web applications, as well as numerous Win, WCF and REST services for communicating with external systems.