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Company presentation – Q2 2021

As a part of our tradition, this month the management of sTECH held a regular company presentation for all colleagues. Together, we summarized all the impressions from the previous quarter, with an emphasis on Q2 in 2021.

The second quarter, along with Q1, is noticeably aligned with the business and plan for the next period. The new quarter we have entered has a lot of challenges, but our focus will always be on the lessons we have learned so far. What is important is that we will continue to work on improving cooperation with our business partners, that’s why in the future we will have more workshops, in order to develop even more towards the agile method of working. Great expectations are on us, so it is important that we meet them in order to maintain the trust from our clients and to get the most out of it.

We also have a new team member, a new country in the program that has begun to be actively involved at all levels – Bulgaria. At the same time, we are working to improve the Governance model and to include an increasing number of people with competencies and the ability to help speed up the entire business process. On the other hand, there is increasing support from the regional team and a more synchronized joint work on the program.

In Q2, we defined a clear plan based on which we will successfully complete our long-term projects in Q3, all together as a team, including team members from the business side, as well as our business partners. Despite the unexpected challenges that await us, everything is going in the right direction and for that purpose, a plan for overcoming them has been formed. What is even more important is the existence of a good understanding from the business side, as well as good technical support and solutions. We expect everything to go well and therefore we are bravely entering the new quarter.

However, the most important thing is that we do not have major problems regarding the health of our people. For now, everything is in the best order, and in order to maintain that, we have introduced a regular health check in our private health insurance policy. From June 2021, in line with the more grateful epidemiological situation in our country, we are very happy that we have returned to work from offices, but in a lower number at first. Although we are all eager of true contact with colleagues, the advantages of digitalization are largely present, so in the future we will try to create and maintain balance and flexibility in work.

We believe that it is important for everyone to hear what other teams are working on, what are the plans for the next period, as well as to find out how the projects are progressing in each sector. We want to emphasize our great results, but also to pay attention to the challenges we had in the previous period. In this way, each of us becomes more attached to the company and the work we do, while we glorify each victory together and prepare for future projects.

We thank everyone for their dedication and hard work, without your exceptional contribution nothing would have been possible at sTECH!