By using sCore solutions, our clients have the possibility to:

  • Improve service quality in the digitalization era
  • Connect to systems for work with policies and persons’ base, via different devices
  • Flexible authorization and authentication
  • Data history and reporting in line with legal regulations
  • Access to multilingual User Interface, with multiple currencies and numerous clients
  • System customization in line with specific business needs

sCore system is implemented and used in SEE region.

sCore is functionally comprehensive solution that supports core business processes of an insurance company, covering issuance of insurance contracts, claim notification, processing and billing of damages. Based on rich experience and defined market needs, sCore provides employees in insurance with a proper tool to increase responsiveness and adaptability to ever-changing nature of the business.

We designed a modular and flexible system that supports specific business processes. By building the system on state of the art IT solutions, we optimized operational cost, maintenance cost and costs of further development. Our clients are able to implement modules according to their specific needs and business priorities.

sCore Front office modules:

sCore POS – Web application that supports the complete life cycle of a contract, including submodules:

  • Sales
  • Contracts management (calculations, renewal, annexes and terminations)
  • Products configuration

sClaims – Solution that supports complete process of claim notification, processing and billing/reimbursement of damages of all types of insurance, including submodules:

  • ClaimsInfo
  • Claims
  • Complints

Business Entities – Web module for information maintenance regarding customers and all participants in key business processes.

Documents – Keeping the record, scanning, archiving and distribution of documents with possibility of integration with external DMS systems – complete paperless documentation is enabled.

sCore 2.0

sCore 2.0 is implemented to support all core end-to-end insurance processes, while providing from front to back-office solutions in one comprehensive software package. It is built using latest technologies that enable high speed workflow processes, which gives employees more time to focus on the important tasks.

Robust, scalable, secure, flexible system, located on the trusted cloud, sCore 2.0 provides top performance. It is open to easily integrate with other IT solutions, while fulfilling future needs, driven by digitalization of insurance ecosystems.

sCore 2.0 includes all Front office modules, together with the following Back office modules.


Back office modules:

Collection and Disbursement module – (C&D) – central accounting module for accounting financial transactions and posting data on G/L and subledger accounts, management of accounts receivable/ payable, handling of premium and other insurance-related payments, processing incoming payments, as well as financial reporting.

Commission module – insurance commission management module that rationalize and operationalize the management of complex fee calculations for sales force (agents, brokers …)

Dunning module – ensures systematic method of tracking overdue invoices, as well as methodically communicating with customers to ensure the collection of accounts receivable

Reinsurance/ Coinsurance module – flexible, integrated solution that supports complete reinsurance and coinsurance life cycle: process management, accounting and reporting process.