Hard work always pays off – the journey from Junior Software Developer to Technical Team Leader

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Hard work always pays off – the journey from Junior Software Developer to Technical Team Leader

In 2023, we continued with internal promotions of colleagues who showed selfless commitment, advancement in technical skills and great passion for learning and mastering new knowledge. Our colleague Aleksandar Živković is one of the young talents who have been promoted to a leadership position. Below you can read more details Aca shared with us in the interview.y

When did you start working at sTECH? What was the position?

I started working at sTECH back in 2018 as a Junior Software Developer in the Life insurance team.

What did you expect from the company then, and from yourself?

I came to the company with the desire to get the opportunity to develop, to work in Angular, to acquire new knowledge and to be able to apply it and contribute to the company. The previous experience on the projects I did at the university built my confidence, so I expected to continue developing my knowledge.

Share with us more about your personal and “career” development in the company?

I started as a junior, and already after a year I was assigned to an important project, on which I worked for a year and a half. I had the opportunity to learn to use new technologies. After three years of work I reached a senior position, and after four I have been promoted to the position of Technical Team Leader. As for personal development, I had the opportunity to introduce new employees to the system, to conduct technical interviews with candidates who apply for a job at sTECH, thus reaching a higher level of responsibility.

What kind of obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

For example, when we receive a report that something is not working in the app, we analyze how to fix it as soon as possible. I collaborated with colleagues from my team as well as with other teams to solve the problem in the most efficient way.

How would you describe the atmosphere in your team?

Our team is a good opportunity for every junior since they will cooperate with knowledgeable colleagues and a Team Leader who foster cooperation, friendly relations, and a pleasant working atmosphere, supporting progress!

When you were most proud of your work?

I was most proud when my first project went live, I was the only backend developer in the team and got the opportunity to work in .NET Core.

What did working in sTECH bring to you?

Speaking about technologies, I’m really using what I always wanted at this point. I would never have known how much I could achieve if I had not encountered various challenges while working at sTECH.

What did you bring to the company (besides the cup)?

I did not even bring a cup (laughs). I believe that I have contributed with my knowledge and perseverance in working on projects.

Share with us what was the most beautiful moment in sTECH for you?

It was at the DOT conference in Zlatibor when I had the opportunity to present our work.

What advice would you give to your younger self and to future colleagues starting work at sTECH ?

“Hard work always pays off!”